Newbury Comics Scavenger Hunt!!!


Good friends, Newbury Comics is hosting a scavenger hunt on the free app Scavify and it is fucking awesome. Download it and get tasks done now!! I’m so psyched for this! It runs until 8pm on November 2nd so get on it!!


The Return of Dan Shields

Dan Shields returns to the podcast to teach Revill the difference between pork roll and taylor ham (its a Jersey thing). Dan and Revill chat about how not much changes after one gets married, Dans band The Raritain, all things punk rock, how they deal with being aged punk rockers, how much they both disdain the last season of How I Met Your Mother and much more.

Folly video


Music by Girl Talk

Logo by Matthew Picinich (

Contact the show- 

New Episode is up!

Guess what’s in the cup #notcoffee

Where it all began. #anniversary (at Forty Steps)


Street art in Houston… it is everywhere you look…


Find more sexy gamer girls and sexy cosplay here


Find more sexy gamer girls and sexy cosplay here



How to enter

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3. It will last from Oct 13th to Oct 20th .
The winners will be revealed on Oct 20th. The winners will be chosen randomly !
(Multiple entries will increase your chance of winning!) No giveaway blogs though.
1st Prize winner will win a Stoney Care Kit with a Custom Bubbler

2nd Prize will win two pipes, on of which is in the photo above & a shirt

3rd Prize wins a Steam Roller & a shirt

Also make sure you’re following my Stoney Squad to increase you’re chances of winning!


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